Njeri feat Stella Mwangi – Miti Ni Dawa Video

(EDIT: Original video no longer on YouTube)

Y’all Kenyan trap music!!!

I am so here for this you don’t even know…

I’ve just discovered who Njeri is like the other day and I have to say I’m a fan.

I’ve always been a fan of STL… I mean Stella Mwangi… Even when she did that Koola than koolio song… (It was not her best work)

So I’m reall feeling this collabo between Njeri and Stella Mwangi.

Shout out to Kenyan femcees holding it down👊🏾

Miti ni dawa is a dope turn up song and will definitely get you in a party mood and singing along to it in no time…

Kudos Njeri… give us more trap music I’m definitely here for it.


Njeri is a Kenyan rapper from Kiambu, Kiambu County, who likes photography and performing her music.

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