Prezidential – Otopizzo

Octopizzo numba nane!! is back with this jamming tune called Prezidential. The song is a stance from Octopizza saying that he is the King of Kenyan hiphop, he is the prezident he is prezidential. The chorus is catchy with Octopizzo repeating the phrase it’s a wrap ka Moi it’s a wrap. This is a play on the words it’s a wrap and Kenya’s 2nd president name Daniel Arap Moi.

I’m here for this Octopizzo, I legitimately am. I really like the beat to this song, it’s not the usual heavy hip hop beat that most Kenyan emcees go for. It’s a more chilled and relaxed vibe of a song. Also big up on the video Octopizzo, we see you trying to do concept ideas in your video. I just wish there was a story to the video and not just concept art and effects. Hey man you could have even become ‘prezident’ in this video, gone on and embodied Moi with a blinged out rungu or something but hey that’s just me. Guess he’s being prezidential in his own way?


I really like Octopizzo’s hair, and the sweaters he keeps wearing or are they sweat shirts? Whatever they are, I dig them. The fashion stylings are working for me.


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