Project She is an on-going campaign, driven by Adelle Onyango, to highlight and celebrate women who have conquered various challenges in their lives.

Watch the Video – ‘She’ by Adelle Onyango


The Project She Anthem debuted on KissFM Radio on April 30th, and is available for download exlusively on It’s a feel good song balanced on some afro-fusion beats with a strong message on Women Empowerment.

SHE holds power within … SHE be flying free, SHE be flying higher than the naked eye can see — Project SHE Anthem

About Project SHE

Adelle Onyango went across the continent (and a lil further) gathering stories of conquest from different women. And from the men she gathered stories of them celebrating different women in their lives.

Each day in April, one story was shared, and now at the end of April, the project’s anthem has been released.

After the release of the song, an Empowerment talks tour will now begin throughout the city of Nairobi (Kenya), and beyond. These will be done in high-schools, universities and churches.

Project SHE

Check out the hashtag #ProjectSHE on twitter, instagram and facebook for more.

About Adelle

If you’ve been living under a rock, you still can’t be excused for not knowing who Adelle Onyango is, because she is the most down-to-earth Kenyan media personality out here. With a strong stance on women empowerment, she’s also a radio host on KissFM Radio, a Poet, Actress and genuinely an awesome person to hangout with and call a friend.

Follow her on Twitter @ADELLEO, Instagram @adelleonyango and Facebook /adelaide.adelle.

Adelle Onyango - #TeamADELLE
Adelle Onyango – #TeamADELLE

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