Sage also known as Chemutai Sage, is a Kenyan singer, song writer, composer and instrumentalist. She is a pianist and self taught guitar player.  Not one to be put inside a box, her music can be described as a fusion of RnB, neo soul, pop with a touch of African rhythm. Her lyricism is for the truly thinking mind. She has been a favourite of mine for a while, I have this song of hers stuck in my head that all I can remember about it is the hook where she says “Na, na, na!” . That’s not very helpful is it? And it was so catchy too hahaha

I’m just glad she finally got her shit together and gave me an album(look at me talking like we know each other), I’ve been begging her for years to give me a chance to give her my money. Like why is it so hard for these artists to take my money??

So I have to ask, I am ever gonna get a video for Maskini?

Please say yes @chemutai_sage

That song is like the most amazing of amazingness!!

If you read the title you might think that there’s a typo and it should say yourself and not your self. I think she did this intentionally meaning that she is exposing her (creative) self. I could be reading a lot into it but that’s awesome.

Her album Express Yourself is available here:

Make sure you guys get it and give it a listen, it’s awesome!

Find Chemutai Sage

Twitter @chemutai_sage

Facebook Chemutai Sage


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