Sage’s Maskini finally gets visuals

I’ve been in love with Sage Chemutai’s music for a very long time now, I constantly and consistently beg Kenyan artists for videos for their music and complete bodies of work(albums) so that I can fully and truly support them. I insists on albums because there’s on so many shows I can go to. Also I like appreciating artists as a whole you know…

Now to Sage, this is literally the first song of hers that I heard and I didn’t know the name of it and kept repeating the na-na-na part to my friends until I finally found her on Soundcloud and just completely gushed over her music, it was embarrassing to say the least.

I’m a bit underwhelmed by this video, how do I explain this?

Sage - Maskini

The visual effect is amazing but almost cliche, like what international artists videos look like when they’re trying to appeal to African masses and ‘connect with their roots’ see Tinie Tempah’s Girls Like for example.

There was no concept to this video, she just kinda stood there and awkwardly danced along to her music. There was no singing to this love that makes her go banana, no cute dance routine for such a dancable beat, no memorable moment in the video. For a song that has such an interesting story line I’m not gonna lie I’m a bit disappointed, I’m happy it got a video I just wish you know there was more… maybe it’s just me.

The outfits were fantastic though, top notch! And her hair and make up, love love love!!

Maskini is 🔥

Big up Sage you finally gave us a video for this awesome song, I will at least salute that 🙌🏾

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Facebook: Chemutai Sage


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