It’s finally here.

Guys have been going crazy over this song in the past few weeks, it seemed to envoke all of the feels in my fellows Kenyans and after watching this video I’m sure EVERYONE will be in their feels. It’s such a sweet video, the video totally matches the song, it has the right touch and feel to it.

We see a young and super pretty hot couple being in love so to speak (although I’m really curios at the amount of selfies they took, like it was a lot right?)

The video is dope, I appreciate the concept.

So I’m not the only one thinking this but ummm… since when did Sauti Sol get all this damn money?? This video is shot in Vegas bih…


Props to them.

Quick note

The guy playing Isabellas love interest is so YUMMY!! Who is he? Y’all holla at me, let a sister know 🙂

Watch Isabella below

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