Phy has a new song out entitled Taboo. Taboo is a play on the Kiswahili word Taabu meaning trouble(s).  For once I am not supremely late to the party when it comes to a new single being out! *high fives self*

Phy is one of the few Kenyan artists that you will not find me begging and pestering for an album, because guess what? She already gave me a body of work, she’s already given me an album and I will forever love her for this. I don’t think you guys understand how much I appreciate albums.

Taboo is a good song, I am not mad at it and the video is also quite dope. Albeit she’s basically just taking a stroll in Nairobi city, the way the video was shot tells you the story of the song which is not always the case with some of our artists. I appreciate the thought process that went through everything in this video.

She’s taken a chance by give us a slow and smooth song about well heartbreak. Most people would have gone for the upbeat and bouncy beat but I appreciate that she hasn’t.

Big ups!

Side note

How dope is Phy’s hair?


Twitter: @phyascomusic

Facebook: Phy

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