Songs that are dropped on Friday mornings have a reputation of being pure gold, and this is one of them. THEY DONT KNOW FENA and THEY DONT KNOW WANGECHI. And now you know … or they know … someone knows … 😉

Fena kicks off the song channeling one of the best Kenyan best lyricist, E-sir: “Nipe mic, mechi na mafuta” and reminds us that she can rap just as well as she can sing. Then Wangechi comes through on verse two na ma-rhymes tu za wadhii wanachunisha kwa bima na matatu …

Look at that right there … This song is so hot, they got us infected with the fever of rhyming 🎤😎. Next Fena x Wangechi collabo is with v3rcity — Single Confirmed!

Listen Here


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Produced for TEN CITIES, a project by Goethe -Institut Kenya inn Cooperation with AdptR and other partners

Provoke Music.

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