I have been in love with Tiwa Savage for a very long time now, like you guys do not understand.

When Tiwa Savage stepped on the scene with KeleKele she had me hooked I became a life long fan there and then. I did not need anymore convincing to be quite honest. KeleKele still goes heavy to this day by the way, it bangs.

Rewind is a single of her current album R.E.D, which I love! You all know how much I love it when an artists gives me a body of work, when they let me give them my money


When Tiwa teams up with Don Jazzy they make musical magic, those two should just always work together because I have listened to this album none stop since I got it, it’s awesome.

I like the song Rewind a lot but I wish the video was more about story and not just contrasting visuals, I like the visuals they are fun and creative and new but a bit unnecessary.

Tiwa looked great as usual so of course I am a bit biased here.

Rewind the song talks of reminiscing and looking back on love one has experienced in the life and appreciating the fact that one was lucky enough to have such love in their life. It’s about being thankful for the love you have on your live and not taking it for granted. It’s a sweet song. I like it a lot.

Urgh I love her!

*goes to gush in private*

Find Her

Twitter: @tiwasavage

Facebook: TiwaSavage

Buy R.E.D : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/r.e.d-deluxe-edition/id1090275446


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