Track review: Against the Grain by San Hedrin

When I heard of dude’s stage name first thing I thought was. ‘…dude doing some white people music or something?’ but that ain’t the case. Schemed through the whole LP and decided imma review my fav joint off it. First of, the whole LP is flames, representing the down south, Lesotho to be specific, San brings a different conversation to this African rap table. Though his aggressive and hard hitting bars do remind me of Scarface (the rapper), needless to say that reeks of greatness.

The joint ‘Against the grain’ which is the first joint off his LP also titled ‘Against the Grain’ is a collaborative project between San and Elliot Niezel, a California based rapper and producer, see how dope hip-hop is? It bridges gaps, but that’s a conversation for another day.  Let me jump right into it, the joint is inspired by hardships, pain, loyalty, trust, failure and success which basically are the trials and tribulations of the industry. San and Elliot decide to go against the usual, the norm that we are all used to; a different side of street poetry. The joint comes from a dark place and you can feel it from the beats to the bars, San on the boards and Elliot Niezel in the booth. This is that Goosebumps Horror music.

‘…I grind against the grain, different mind states and that’s not the same from your average mind…’


Imma give it a 3.5/ 5


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