Someone is making 1980s versions of current pop songs, guys I’m so tickled by this.

The wonder behind this amazing feat is known to the internet as Tronicbox, one of their current remasters is the popular song by pop sensation Justin Beiber, they have reworked the song to sound What Do You Mean to sound like it indeed is of the 80’s and even went as far as making album cover art where they 80’s-fied Beiber to look the part, and doesn’t he remind you of George Michael when he was still in WHAM! ?


Justin Bieber What Do You Mean



Another great rework from the Canadian based composer and arranger is Justin Beiber’s hit Love Yourself, if you did not know any better you would think this remake was released a good forty years ago.

Justin Beiber – Love Yourself



Soundcloud: TRONICBOX

Twitter: @tronicboxtweets

Facebook: tronicboxface








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