Vile naskia, Jua Cali is back!

“Vile nahisi nikimwona najua nina mali…”

Jua Cali ft Wyre – Vile Naskia

And si I like genge, wah! I’d missed Jua Cali is back and he’s more Jua Cali than ever.

The beat is fantastic, the chorus is fantastic, the song is fantastic!!

Maybe I’m old (I really am) but I miss this kind of music, he’s not trying to be anything other than the Kenyan he is. There’s no heavy dropping of the word n***a, no bragging about whips? and no making it rain? IN which Nairobi? Ours? urgh I hate young people so much, wait what was I saying?

JUA CALI !! He’s back and I am so here for it! As in Vile Naskia genge for life!!

Sooo Jua Cali another album yes?


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