We love Wangechi! And we love this video. I’m sure you’ve watched the video already and been treated to the eyegasm that was already an eargasm of Wangechi featuring Wangechi. So, how about we discuss the symbolism, imagery and general awesomeness of some key scenes from the video?

PLEASE NOTE: The following interpretations of this entire video are not set in stone or endorsed by the lovely Femcee. These are just the thoughts of a fan!

Cardiac Arrested, Tried and Sentenced – (yaani, analogy scene by scene)

Video opens with a beautiful sillhouette of Wangechi and a time-lapse of clouds in the background. This may as well represent how a part of her was at the edge of that shadowy sea where life stares into the great beyond.

As Cassidy once sang, “But the car crash couldn’t lay the hustler down”.

Also, I tried calling the number on the car (19619) … NOTHING. I thought it was some kind of Easter Egg or clue left for us to debate over like whiny nerds 😂

You see how the dancer rises from the floor and spreads his arms? This could be signifying her rising from the ashes of the fire, like a Phoenix and spreading her wings for the first time anew.

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