So Willy Paul (Kenyan gospel musician) has been the focus of a little conterversy lately. He has been accused by fans and critics of ‘helping himself’ to Burna Boy’s (Nigerian musician best known for such hits as Yawa Dey and Tonight ) sound and style of his latest single ‘Check and Balance. Do these songs sound similar to you? A lot of people are claiming that Willy Paul stole the sound, style AND video concept from Burna Boys Check and Balance.

I’m a little late to the party because I don’t really listen to Willy Paul to be honest… But I really can hear the similarities in the song, like so many similarities. I heard Willy Paul‘s song the other day and it had me humming Burna Boys song instead. Whoever made this claim was right on the money to be honest.

Wonder what Willy Paul has to say about this, amid the claims that he’s also ‘stolen’ another gospel artists song recently (gospel artist Bahati has claimed that Willy Paul stole one of his songs, so much drama right?)

Speaking of which are we sure this guy is a gospel artist? I mean I’m all for artistic license when expressing yourself abut he seems to be more concerned with what’s on trend with the youngins than with praising the Lord but hey that could be  just me.

Links of the two videos are below, tell us what you think. Copy cat or nah?

Burna Boy – Check and Balance

Willy Paul – Vigelegele


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