And si Amos & Josh siku hizi wana-try


Who won TPF by the way? Was it them? Was it Amos & Josh?

Wait it was that ka- Rwandan guy who had the name that was an adjective, like Fulfillment, Happiness or Hope right?

Anyway good on Amos & Josh, for a minute there I thought they were gonna go the Jimmy Gait and Bahati route and sing for us how they’re in love with Jesus like he’s the girl next door. Nothing against gospel music, I’m just saying.

This song is very catchy, I dig the on the classic re-use of the very famous Kenyan line

“I’m not sober Odiero I’m not sober, because I’ve taken Guinness which gives you Michael Power…”

That one line right there makes the song instantly stick in your head, also on the styling Amos and Josh weuwe! Kumbe watu wanapenda ku-style?? Do you guy remember the Amos & Josh that came on the scene? I’m sure they never even used to bother with colour coordination but now. Amos & Josh done glo’d up! YAAS!! I’m here for it, they need a hair dresser now though Amos or is it Josh, curly kit is not the way my brother. It’s just not.

Side note

Wonder how they decided to name themselves, was Amos like come on Josh let’s do this alphabetically as he sniggered.

Zingua – Amos & Josh


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Look at how much face Amos and Josh are giving us? Eyebrows on FLEEK


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