Author: Thosh

Hello Swahili Cover by Dela [video]

Dela’s effortless mastery of her irresistible voice and eloquent vocals will surely make you want to listen to this Swahili cover over and over again.


Dela – Mafeelings ? [Official Video]

Mafeelings is a captivating video shot & directed by the award winning Nigerian director, Clarence Peters . The video captures the betrayal by loved ones & friends in relationships & friendships.

Heatwave EP – Sonya Teclai

Meet Sonya Teclai; a beautiful Eritrean-Egyptian (based in New York) singer. We briefly touched on one of her songs a while back, and now we wanna share her Heatwave EP with you.

They dont know

They Dont Know – Fena and Wangechi [audio]

Songs that are dropped on Friday mornings have a reputation of being pure gold, and this is one of them. THEY DONT KNOW FENA and THEY DONT KNOW WANGECHI. And now you know … or they know … someone knows … 😉 Fena kicks off...


Mistakes by Sage Chemutai [audio]

When someone mentions Sage, the earworm “So Alive” re-enters your brain and you keep singing along for the rest of the day. Eventually, you find yourself on YouTube or SoundCloud, looking for more of Sage’s beautiful melodies to feed your soul with.

Chemistry Intro

2nd Chemistry Lab Session | May 2015

Many Fridays ago we attended a sensory pleasing event called Chemistry, which blended photography and art with live DJ mixing. It was held at the Shift Eye Gallery in Hurlingham, and was filled with cultured folk who electrified the whole place with their appreciation for...

Njeri Music

Nduta by Njeri – Kikuyu Rapper [Video]

Just the other day, we having a spirited discussion trying to figure out if there has been a Kenyan artist who’s rapped fully in their mother-tongues. We listed the likes of Gidi Gidi Maji Maji, Big Pin representing for the Lake Side and I guess...