Ladies we’ve all been there… You’ve gone for a check up and your gynae requests you lay back and spread em, and the thoughts just start running through your mind

Here are some of the thoughts that run through ones mind (collected from various sources)


The same thing that goes through my mind when I’m getting waxed, a lot of nothing. I try to distract myself think of other things like Twitter or cool stuff I saw on Tumblr..

I’m usually blank as fuck, try to focus on the ceiling or the doctors voice. Sometimes on the feeling down there but mostly I’m blank…

“Oh why is this thing cold so cold??”

“You’d better smother that lube. I’m not lubricated enough for this…”

“Oh that brush thing is ticklish…”

” I hope everything is okay down there…”

I try tell myself not to wince and that it will be over quickly…

I usually sing Twinkle twinkle little star, it usually helps my mind off things.

I usually think…

“is it normal looking like everyone elses?”

I usually have a moment of pure dread, then I ask myself if this is really necessary. Then I accept it and hope the ordeal will be quick and start thinking…

“Wonder what it looks down there from the doctors perspective and what are they thinking?”

“Shit this is going to hurt, I probably should’ve shaved… Is everything okay?”

“Can they just get over and done with this?”

And I pray the doc doesn’t find anything unusual down there…

“Well this is awkward..”

“Why do I have to do this again?”

“Why couldn’t the doctor be a woman? Is that better or worse?”

“Wonder how many vaginas they’ve seen today…”

“I really should’ve have shaved…”

“Hope it doesn’t look weird…”


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