Is that my alarm?


How is it morning already I just went to bed like 20 minutes ago

Can I just keep sleeping?

Urgh it’s Friday?


*presses snooze button*


OMG is that the time??!!!!

That’s the fastest shower I‘ve had in a while

Do I even have anything to wear?

Shit I need to do laundry

Meh it’s gonna be a chilled weekend anyway I can just wear jeans and sneakers.

But just in case, lemme at least wear doll shoes.

Just in case

I don’t wanna go out today aki

Aaaargh now I don’t have time for breakfast


Sigh can this day end already

Put on a cheery smile damnit it’s no one else’s fault you’re late.

Why am I so sleep so early in the damn morning?

Whoever invented whatsapp groups needs to be shot

300 messages seriously?

Not even gonna read through any of those groups messages

Damnit guys are talking about going out today


Look at what you’re wearing urgh

But… but… fun

I should suggest guys go out tomorrow

But what if guys are too hung over tomorrow?

Should I suggest?

Urgh no just stay home

Just ignore all the messages about fun

Tuck in your FOMO

Someone who I haven’t seen in forever just called and wants to hang out

Will it look super anti social if I say no?

Maybe I could just go out for food with guys

Food is okay right?

Do I even have money?

I guess I walk tomorrow right?

Psssh who needs transport money right?




I could just stay home

But I need to stop being so anti social though

OMG I don’t have clean clothes though

But everyone is gonna be there

Since when did you care about what everyone is doing?

Maybe I can go buy something to wear


I wonder if I can leave work early to go buy like a top or something

Is that a legit excuse?

I need a new top?

Ok maybe I won’t say that

But if I go home I’ll probably sleep


Good gawd why is everything, everywhere in my damn room?

Oh gawd I’m so damn untidy

But when do I even get time to clean?

The weekend is so damn short

And I’m gonna go out on both days?

I don’t really have to actually

I mean it’s never that serious

And I’m so tired

Oh my gawd I want wings


Oh yay YouTube

My bed looks so comfy

Damn it I should change and leave

I should get food though

Urgh I just wanna watch videos on YouTube and chill

I mean if I’m gonna go out I should eat

Can I afford both?

Food or booze?

Stay home

Guys want to be offended if I cancel right?

I can do that right?

Would guys even care?

Hahaha people wouldn’t care

But I want people to think I’m fun.

If I don’t go out today I won’t have stories for tomorrow.

How is it 7.30 already?

Oh… is out today

Meh guys will take pictures anyway

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