“If you smoke that, you will become a dirty person. You can’t take a shower or comb your hair because it doesn’t let you. That’s how you end up with dirty dreadlocks…”
That was one of my earliest lessons on drugs and drug abuse. I think most of you have heard that at some point in your life. A science textbook in primary school also listed one of the signs of marijuana addiction as, “poor hygiene.” Now, I was very disappointed the first time I tried the drug. I could still tolerate the feeling of water on my body and combs did not suddenly seem like crude torture instruments. Somebody lied.
The biggest problem in the war against drugs (silly endeavor in any case) is that truth is often not the weapon of choice. Alarmist statements are always the preferred method, as if we hope to scare kids from approaching something that in reality is all around us. Lies don’t hold up forever. They are bound to discover this and it’s only natural that they’ll try the exact thing you warned them about; just to see exactly how much you lied about it.

I also tried to ingest a few other things I’d been warned about in school and by various authority figures, mostly all sorts of alcohol. Surprisingly they were right about most of the consequences. I guess it has something to do with most of them speaking from a point of experience. Good job.
We need more honest talk about the drug problem in this country. Is alcohol really the problem in some areas as the claim or is it a symptom of bigger social and economic problems that plague the country? Should jails be filled with petty offenders who get busted growing a few unusual plants or with shady characters in high places that earn billions from assorted white powders? Will bans and all sorts of scare mongering create a sober nation or drive it into drug hell… or is it heaven?

childrens-cartoon-character-on-drugs-01I admit, drugs are not the best thing in this world, but they are not the worst. Solving many other problems will automatically see drug abuse become less of a problem. A logical approach towards the issue will solve problems better than the current angry charge driven by emotions and a (mostly false) sense of morality. Also, legalize marijuana. LOL… just kidding. (No I’m not)

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