Fellas, you know that one girl friend that you look at more as friend than a girl? The one you wanna make a girlfriend but you can’t look at her like that cause if do, its gonna mess with the friendship? That’s your friend-girl, boy! Ladies, ya’ll got that too. That guy, that same guy friend.

I’m gonna be reckless and take my personal experience and observations and state them as a sweeping statement but for me, you can’t just be and remain friends with the opposite sex, just can’t. Its the “just” part that throws me off. I got no issues with friendship but the moment we try to insist its “just” that, is where I pretty much get off the bus.


Let me break it down for you. See, you get some really cool peeps. Peeps you feel you’ve known all your life and you get peeps that you have actually known all of your life. When you befriend these peeps, you see them as friends before anything else, no doubt about that. That’s all good and well but if you share everything with them and I mean “err’thang” there comes a moment, that split second moment, where you think “she understands and knows me so well, maybe I should be with her” …then you can proceed to justify to yourself why it wouldn’t work. That right there shows you that your not just friends. Friendship needs no justification like that. I certainly don’t remember justifying to myself why its better to be friends with my boys. Its that doubt, that temptation, that blurred moment of wondering that makes opposite sex friendship more than just friends. You know who and what you wanna do but you choose to do “what’s right”.

It doesn’t means you wanna baps everyone you befriends or that you befriend only those you wanna baps but from time to time, either in sheer happiness or low moments, a thought of temptation/curiosity pops up & throws off the whole “just friends” assertion and our defense is usually “I can never look at you like that”… YES YOU CAN AND YOU HAVE… you just don’t want it put out there cause now the whole shiznizz gonna be awkward as if baps is all you ever wanted. So what do you do, you program yourself with reminders that you are “just friends” and keep that snooze on that says “you’re just friends yo”…but should a moment of weakness arise & she falls into your lap, your ass gonna take that opportunity. Its the way nature works. The only true reason you wouldn’t, is if you don’t wanna hurt someone else in your life, its not the friendship cause ain’t no rule that forbids a little bit of waist pleasures between friends, is there?


Things gets more intense when peeps around ya’ll notice it and start asking “damn yo, when ya’ll gonna f**k already?”… that’s cause they done seen how one of you gets miserable when the “friend” hooks up with someone else. That’s when you know you ain’t just friends, can’t justify it. It ain’t just!!!


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