It’s only mid January and you probably feel like it’s time the month ended already. I’m sorry about that, but you still have a few long days to go before February comes with its own special day to blow your January earnings on. (Get her something special on Valentine’s, seriously. LOL) We can all agree that the reason we hate January is purely financial; too much spending in December, too little left for the following month. It’s that simple, and especially true for those young people without kids to send to a new year of school. They tend to be doing much worse around now.

That doesn’t mean January is the end of your life. You can make it through pretty smoothly even after your festive financial miscalculations. Here are a few tips to change your remaining Janu-worries into a few long days of sunshine and adventure.

Get Creative
Get Creative
  1. Get a hobby. You can’t hit the club from Friday to Thursday like you were used to last year? Feel bored because you have too much time on your hands? Find something constructive and enjoyable and free to do with that time. Go for a run every evening or start making collages from old newspaper cutouts. You’ll definitely feel better.
  1. Reading has to be the best escape when time is on your side as you sit there waiting for that salary to come and deliver you. Read about personal financial management if you want, or get lost in wild fantasies and crime thrillers. No matter your personal tastes, you will definitely pass that time better while waiting for your regular life to resume.
  1. Visit a park. I’m talking about Uhuru Park and similar public spaces. Most of us never take the time to enjoy these facilities because our privilege allows us to relax in more exclusive environs. Well, because January is a month of opportunity, take time and lie on the grass, drink a lukewarm soda and admire the monuments. You just might find that it isn’t as bad as you thought.
  1. Eat at the kibanda. If you always walk past the kibanda on your way to eat at that restaurant you can’t really approach right now, this is your chance. Expand your palate and improve your culinary vocabulary by sampling from the local kibanda’s menu. Githeri Migingo, Chapati Marashi and all sorts of sosa are your friends this month.
  1. Cut out alcohol. Most of you young January complainers really can’t wait to get back to drinking in February. Then take this opportunity to be alcohol free until then. Enjoy the sobriety, waking up without hangovers and the healthy sleeping habit. You will miss it when the finances are back in order.

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  1. Hahaha chapati marashi has killed me!!

  2. Cut out alcohol?

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