This post is a little late but it’s not my fault TV is like really good these days okay?
BAKE facilitated a blogger meet up the other day (the date escapes me) for Kenyan bloggers and fans to meet and greet with @Luvvie an African American blogger. Luvvie Ajayi runs a blog called for those of you who might not know who she is you should check out it out.


I first got introduced to Luvvies hilarity when the phrase #scandalrecap floated past my *tl (we all follow someone from #blacktwitter am I right?). Curiosity got the best of me and I had to check out what exactly this #scandalrecap entailed and I was not disappointed. She is hilarious, her take on what’s happening on TV and especially on Scandal is completely entertaining (it sounds like I have a crush on her doesn’t it?) Check then put here
A blogging veteran, she is the voice and spirit behind, covering everything from pop culture from TV, movies and technology, to travel, race and her life’s random adventures. Her latest blog exploit is Awesomely ,a resource for entrepreneurs, bloggers and anyone who wants to use technology to make their lives easier.
Her website is such a great source of time wasting, one of my favourite type of posts that’s she does is Whose is this?
This is when she highlights the shenanigans from all over the world and the sometimes extravagant garbs they adorn and post pictures of on the internet. It’s humorous and celebrates and ridicules styles.
I was late for the meet up of course, she was very informative for us wannabe celebrity bloggers about how to monetizes your blog, how to get paid fairly for your work, how to make sure your work is not being utilized online without your consent or without compensation, the dangers of syndicating your content, the discrepancies with payment of bloggers due to race, keeping your voice in blogging even though you may be poached by a corporation to blog for them,
The meet and greet was really nice, she has a lot of fans who took a lot of pictures with her, I was not one of them, don’t ask me why. And it was quite inspiring to see a young black woman who looks like make it in an international way through blogging.
The official Twitter hash tag for the meet up was #nairobiluvv search for it and check out the pictures and comments.

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