Men and Bad Sex, by Rats’ili Skye

I want to rant, and I will.

Disclaimer: I am addressing people from my past not present with this.

Bitch ass niggas have RUINED sex for EVERYBODY. They’ve created a pathetic situation where all they have to offer is their tongue and dick and not much else.

Point 1

Where do people get this nonsense that a man ‘gives you’ an orgasm and once that orgasm is ‘given’ to you, you are linked to him forever? Yet strangely, if you don’t get an orgasm, it’s your fault? What the phuck? Where do we learn these things?

Point 2

Bitch niggas will spend days if not weeks finding the most exotic porn on the internet: midgets, pastors, horses and demons, BUT cannot find an instructional video on how to eat pussy/eat ass/sensual massage? Really bruh? Really?! You probably leak people’s nudes too.

Point 3

Then you get those muhfahs who are on some ‘I don’t wanna do that with some random ho. I wanna do that with my girl’. GTPOH with your paedophile ass, sex terrorist muhfah. Random ‘hos’ actually help you gauge how good or awful your dick game is, but wait, it’s an achievement entering the void whether or not the trip was good or bad …

Rihanna Mad Gif

Rihanna Mad Gif

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