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Ya’ll know what the best thing about lesbians is? No, it’s not that they can wear men’s Aca Joe t-shirts all year round, It’s because lesbians always have an extra pair of boobs when they make out and when they are done, they still have one pair on them to take home and  play with.


As a man, I can only imagine how great that feels to always have an extra pair with me when I wanna play with some tittays. It’s like going home with an extra set of lips between the hips … Never mind, you’ll catch on!!!

I mean, besides the ass (which God out did himself when creating by the way hence he put it behind us for us not to admire our own) the next best thing he created was boobs. Whichever way you look at them, they’re a beautiful creation that God bestowed upon our better halves. From the moment we suckle on one as an infant we get that “heeeeey, I’m on to something here” moment on that nipple.


We grow up just aiming for just one more set to gaze at, fondle with, suckle on and squeeze in a young titty-fu … hold up, I promised not to swear. Even women feel on their own hooters when they get that sweet tingle during lustrous exchange of waist pleasures.

They could be firm as tennis balls and never bounce, look like just swollen nipples or swing and hang low like King Kong’s balls, either set you look at, is a marvel in its own right to someone out there (either now or in its past). Ask a guy if he’s a tits or ass man, even if he’s an ass man, he’ll still tell you what titties he prefers. God sure makes no mistakes right here.

It’s for that reason that it tears my heart apart to know so many women of different ages and races who are plagued by the scourge of breast cancer.

images1If I could, I’d take away this uninvited horrible pest away and let my titty-fam bounce around in peace while I admire to no end. I really do. My sisters, you have my support more than that push-up bra. Feel free to ask me to help check for lumps regularly.

Stay abreast!!!! ribbon

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