Remember that old reggae song, “Just Friends”; about a guy who had a girl who was his friend and for some reason nobody believed that they were just friends and he had to convince us all about the platonic nature of their relationship over a catchy beat?

It’s not an exact science. Different people relate in different ways, and platonic friends also come in various shapes and sizes. It’s not quite possible to define all the elements that a human relationship can involve, but these are a few of the types of friends of the opposite sex that a boy or girl might often end up with:

The Sibling

Often derogatively termed as the brozone/siszone, this is a common way in which platonic relationships are expressed. Such a friend is close enough to be family, and they often are. He or she is the closest person in your circle, like that paternal twin you never had. You share so much in common it’s like you were raised together.


The Party Date

This is the one you love to take on a night out to town. You can drink and dance together with the energy of a new relationship, and none of the need for the guy to not check out other girls in the perimeter.


The Shoulder

To cry on and to lean on. This is that friend who provides what you might need in times of emotional turmoil. When you need an ear, they will be there for you.


The Buried Bone

Just like a dog buries a juicy bone to dig up later, you know that deep down you are saving this one for yourself. They have all the qualities that you would look for in a person to be in a totally non-platonic relationship with.  Don’t go drinking and dancing, it might get messy.


The Bear Trap

Simply the reverse of the buried bone, they see so much in you that you’re probably not aware of. You only need to step into the trap that lies patiently waiting before the jaws clamp down and they have you.

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  1. The buried bone? That’s a new one. Lol.

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