So here’s my question…what’s the point of dating a married man?

Some may say for money? To have someone you know is there but will not be too demanding because he has somewhat of a curfew?

Is it some test some girls need to go through in order to see if they can get away with it? What exactly is the point?

I have asked a lot of girls who are dating or have dated married men and they all basically said the same thing…survival!!!

I am not going to judge here people but this is my opinion…

When you date a married man knowing very well that he’s married from the get go it should be simple…DO NOT HAVE EXPECTATIONS! PERIOD!

Do what you do with the man and let him go home, don’t cuddle, don’t dance till the wee hours of the morning etc but you can of course lie to each other and pretend that you’re in love for the hour or two you spend with him. Sounds simple enough right?

Well…If you are a romantic at heart you should just go find a man in church, although from what I have seen that can be dangerous too (a story for another day). This is not for the faint hearted, I mean let’s face it, that man got married for a reason, no matter what it is, he will not leave his wife for you unless you’re really, really good at what you do (whatever that may be, yes including *%$^#@! *side eye*). If you want to fall in love stay clear of married men, plus that would result in less passion crimes.

Now if you are one bad ass b***h go ahead, go for it, do your thing girl, show them what you got. Go for that man but be warned…he already knows how the story ends and you are clueless! As clueless as you may be just act like you know what you’re doing, you’re the bad ass right? Make sure you remind yourself each and every day that you cannot fall in love with this man! No matter how many times he says he loves you, you must know that there’s a difference between love and lust and he can’t exactly say I am in lust with youu or I lust you now can he? Some men just say I love you to avoid awkward moments, true story!

Please don’t get me wrong, I am NOT encouraging anyone to go date a married man. All I’m doing is giving my 2 cents to the brave at heart. Let’s face it, no matter what I say there will always be people dating each other no matter how moral or immoral it may be. One blog post will not change the world!

No matter what your reason for dating a married man may be you should always remember that you’re not number one so don’t act like you are cause I bet you could come across as cray-cray (crazy).

Now I’m no miss know it all but I talk to people and I do things so don’t take anything you may read here personal, after all it’s only my opinion!

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