“I’ll be there in five minutes.”

“Yeah it looks great, it suits you.”

“Sorry mate, I don’t have any spare change to give”

“It looks delicious, but I’m not hungry. Yeah just ate”

“You’ve gained weight?? I couldn’t even tell”

“Oh sorry. My phone was on silent”

roll eyes

And so many more harmless little lies we utter probably at least twice a day.

And they are harmless right? We all have our reasons for doing it. Sometimes it’s easier than admitting a harmful truth. Maybe we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or maybe we’re hiding something slightly embarrassing which can easily be avoided.

But what if you’re on the receiving end of the lie? What if you’re the sap who’s been waiting 30 minutes when SHE SAID 5!car


What if you’re looking for an honest opinion and someone appeases you with a “little white lie”? It breaks a barrier of trust because “why would you lie about something so small?” “if you can lie about those small things, it makes one wonder what else you’re capable of lying about.

Limerick Time!

I once had a boyfriend who lied

He had me constantly wondering WHY

These things were so trivial

Honesty was pivotal

So I finally told him goodbye


Personally, I’m a believer in the white lie. Lord knows they pop out of my mouth more often than they should and sometimes they are really necessary. There are days I’m looking’ a hot ass mess, I know I look it, but it’s the boyfriends job to drop that little white lie and be like “babe, even at when you think you’re at your worst you’re still the prettiest girl in the room.”


Cheesy? Maybe? A lie? Probably. Does it work? Yep. Every girl wants to be told they’re beautiful whether it’s true or not. Believe me telling her that she looks great in that dress is better than being slapped.

Everyone does it, it’s integrated into our everyday lives, marketers use it, PR people call it bending the truth and as much as we hate being lied to we all lie. Why cry over a little white lie when there are bigger lies to worry about.

White lies are usually told with the good intentions and as long as we know how to distinguish what a white lie is, why fret?


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