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Now how HOT is leather? … if you ever had doubts, well… then you really did need me to post this didn’t you? ….you’re welcome! If you consider yourself an edgy girl then you probably have your hands all over all leather outfits, but if you are looking to ditch your sweetheart outfits and go for a more edgy yet still classy look … (Slowly waves at nothing) … welcome to fashion paradise… We have much to discuss or look at rather, coz photos are always better, they just show you what you’re missing out on don’t they?


See what I’m talking about? How good does she look? … Don’t answer that, I can see you drooling from here… Guess a lot of leather goes a long way…

The Jacket, the pants , the boots, the bag, shoot the shades might as well have been leather too I wouldn’t mind, but the kind you can see through, you know, for obvious reasons,  okay I guess the normal black aviators do as good a job.

Now to broken down leather outfit … but have no fear, it does still look amazing… that’s just the thing with leather you could NEVER go wrong …


Now I will just say this leather shorts just seriously did it for me…the “spiky” detail stuff and the buckles just make it the ultimate short LOL. Check out how creative the pockets are… not that they could carry much hence the purse but I guess they could carry like a sweet, or a piece of gum we always need gum…low sugar if you’re a health freak … hubba bubba if you take gum for the reasons it was made.  I would talk about the phone but…it’s not leather! We follow themes and topics here people. (I think it’s a blackberry).

Now let us talk about nails…yes I did say nails…not leather nails that’s absurd, but I do have something close to that. For that complete rocker look this will definitely do the trick for you. This is definitely edgy, stylish probably time consuming but I guess worth it…I mean I would do it.


But if you are more of a simple person you could do a nude shade, the classy red or even a  glossy gold, this does bring the look together believe me. Your nails are a detail you just cannot miss when trying to make an outfit work.

Now go out there and talk about how cool I am but look good in leather while doing it!

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