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This is definitely what they meant by less skin more style.

We all know for an outfit to come together you need to bring it together, from your hair, to your makeup, to the accessories. Relate your accessories, your hair and makeup to that outfit.

The hair style is very 90’s and so is her shade of lipstick. She went for a more nude kind of make up where the attention is not just drawn to her face but to her whole body. Vintage designs are a little bit more conservative, that explains the long sleeved top and the long beautiful skirt, but for a more modern look the top is shear and the clothes are also fitting showing her feminine curves.

The look is very subtle and composed. Could be worn to a dinner and definitely turn heads.

Vintage Makeup

The Cat Eye! I do have to admit I am a major fan of this make up trick.

make up

Need I say more, I’m just like go ahead and do it already \o/

See how pretty she looks? The hair is simple; the face makeup is to a minimal, the lips are a vanity red, she accessorized with a pair of tiny pearl earrings, and then the cat eye just brought out the gorgeous in her eyes. This vintage make up style makes your eyes the main focus.

A little Cat Eye and you could change the world one glance at a time.

Vintage Nail Art

Vintage is all about floral, polka dot and stripes. The colors also have a huge impact with most of the shades being warm and not so much dramatic. Go for pale colors such as pale pink, pale blue, pale green and also white could work. That is just to mention a few but please go all out and experiment, you learn new things by trying. Nail art requires your personal creativity to be unique and create your own vintage style. With that said here are a few inspirations to get you on way.



Vintage Shoes

Well, here we have a problem, not all vintage shoes are my cup of tea… I mean some of them are just really not meant to join the modern world but here is an example of a pair that could surely work …


Now, in my opinion you can have a modern twist to your vintage style with any pair of sexy heels. Such as…


Nice huh? We like vintage but we still are modern girls.

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