Natural hair and personal space

I’ve had ‘natural hair‘ for quite a while now, and by natural I mean hair that does not have a chemical aspect to it. It’s not straightened or processed in any way.

That’s what people on the internet term as natural, but I’ve never understood this definition for one. I mean, even though you hair is texturised it’s still yours, right? It grows from your head ,right? Maybe we could have natural hair categories? Levels?

Anyway …

I recently cut my hair. I had dreadlocks for about two years, but in phases. I needed to cut off the processed hair within the dreadlocks and then my hair was all ‘natural’ dreadlocks, which I kept for about a year and seven months. A few weeks ago, I made the big chop. I now have a shortish Afro.  A shortish black Afro. You need to understand that having black hair is a really big deal for me, as  I’ve had ‘coloured’ hair since I was about seventeen. My hair colour has ranged from maroon to all shades under the sky of red. I believed for the longest time ever that I was destined to be a red head (hahaha). So I have short hair now, cute short natural hair … that everyone feels is their right to touch :-/

Why? For the love of God, why?

Honestly why do people do this? And when I say everybody I mean E.V.E.R.Y damn B.O.D.Y!! Why?

What is it about my hair and me as a person?

I know my natural hair looks kinda messy. It is a mess, yes, but an organized one.

When I leave the house, I have seen my hair. I have thought about how it looks like and what products or lack thereof that I have put in it. I know what my hair looks like. It’s intentional, okay! It may look all messy and carefree to you, and it’s fine to think that. But why do the multiple people that I encounter keep touching my hair without warning or consent?

I know I sound a bit whiny (as I should), but this is something that honestly disturbs me.

I have had hair all of my life, with all kind of hairstyles. What is it about natural hair that inspires people to encroach personal space?

I do not understand it.

Somebody please help me understand.



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  1. popexxxl says:

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  2. Peter Oluoch says:

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