Now for some of us (mostly me) 2015 has already been a year full of hope for change. Within those something days — Let us just say less than a month days — I have managed to come up with a to do list that has yet to live to its potential; a wish list that had only one wish, which I pretty much figured was stupid by the next day so I threw that out too. In short, my 2015 has been procrastination infested as much as other years of my life J and I’m okay with that. With that, I say Happy New Year my good peope.

One thing I will admit has grabbed my always unfocused attention is the white on white trend. Now, my procrastinating behaviors met their match. I literally could not wait to try on this very classy and beautiful style. Of course I did notice Olivia Pope from Scandal with all her white on white going on but it seemed a little impractical to me, don’t get me wrong, I could get a glass of wine to randomly pull out and hold while balling my eyes out over my emotional and political affiliation issues, I mean I carry a spoon in my bag so all things possible, I just lacked the red wine (economic matters) so her white on white ensemble became instantly irrelevant to me.

However, I did see the street style of this trend on celebrities and models or celebrities who are models? … models who are celebrities? Uuuuum, I saw this sexy trend on people who have really nice photos while walking on the street and do carry some sort of popularity (nailed it).

Miss Cara Delevigne white on white outfit
Miss Cara Delevigne white on white outfit
[Photo source: Pinterest]
To be honest I tried to think about how I will talk about Cara Delevigne having the white color bring out her complexion really well, but to be honest the white on white trend would do this to pretty much all sorts of complexions I am instead just going to flat out say that she just looks so clean. She looks like she’s clean to her soul. Like her soul must be so damn clean, you could eat from it. Now who doesn’t want an outfit that has that sort of impression on people. I would have settled for outfit that would get me a long term relationship but they suddenly don’t make those anymore so an outfit that gives me a clean soul is good enough for me \0/ to trends and souls.

Now just because Cara had it all white this does not mean you cannot spice things up with your white on white style by adding abit of color. This could be in the form of jewelry or a colored shoe or a colored bag….. You catch my drift? But this should be done in moderation in my opinion. Don’t add on too much, if its earrings even small gold studs would make that white on white outfit just perfect. You could also have a gold bangle or two. Note: It doesn’t have to be gold but gold has a way of complementing a white outfit to give it a touch of class. The best thing about this white on white trend you are not restricted to particular colors when picking a pair of shoes for your outfit or a bag/clutch color you have a wide range from neon colors to nudes to dark solid colors to calm colors … okay I suck at actually mentioning colors so I just went with what I have heard from fashion police on E!News I hope you get what I mean … It’s like you are the boss of the colors you pick with a white on white trend. There! That drove the point home

So here are more pictures to just give you a feel of what I mean. So if anyone asks you if you would get on the trend, just ask them, “White not?”

Kim Kardashian-West white on white outfit
Kim Kardashian-West accessorized the white outfit with a silver and clear glass statement necklace and it brought out the outfit perfectly looks effortless yet chic (again E!News influence mostly Guiliana Rancic’s fault). [Photo source: Daily Mail]
Miss Taylor Swift white on white outfit
Miss Taylor Swift matched the white pant suit with gold heels and the red lip and red nail polish are a classy pop of color and plus gives it a bit of an edge but not too much more like just enough. She looks perfect. She literally has no jewelry on yet the outfit still look very much put together, the attention stayed on the actual outfit. (That’s a good thing)
[Photo source: Condenast]
Hair & Make Up for White outfit
Hair & Make Up for White outfit
[Photo source: Makeup by Talitha]
Well this is just an example of what you can do, but to be completely honest you really do not have much restrictions with your hair and makeup when it comes to your white ensemble. You can be edgy with a red or maroon or even a black lip (Rihanna must have done this at some point) or you could be more on the subtle side with a pink or nude lip and a less dramatic eye. It would help if you pay attention as to whether it’s a dress or a white pant suit or if it’s a more casual outfit with white rugged jeans and white top with white high tops. The occasion should also play a part with how you would do your hair and makeup.

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