I don’t read as I used to and that makes me sad…
And I’m not sure why I don’t
I love books so much.
They’ve given so much to me.
I speak the way I do because of books,
I think the way I do because of books(and of course my mothers stubbornness).
Many assume it’s because I went to a certain kind of school.
with teachers who taught me how to be a lady.
But it’s books.
My love for knowledge,
That incredibly I end up using
Unlike algebra.
And as I am sad about books,
I come to the realization that I do read,
all the time.
It’s just that it’s not books anymore,
but I read religiously.
My habits changed with technology
I’m on blog after blog site after site reading exploring loving it.
It’s kind of wonderful as I finally found an avenue that affords me reading at the pace, rate and frequency I have always yearned for.
It’s glorious…
I still miss books
But know I can’t buy them all the time and fill up all my space
Where would I put my shoes?


One response to “Books … Laura”

  1. I feel the same. Well, except for the shoes part. To rid myself of this affliction, I occasionally take breaks from social media. It works. For a while, at least.

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