[dropcap]I[/dropcap] love me some TV, I really do. I’m not the preachy judgmental people who say television is the demise of our generation.

TV is the best, and some of my favourite memories are attached to television.

I’m friends with certain people in my life because we like the same TV shows or argue over them depending on taste haha

One of my favourite things about TV shows is theme songs, you know those catchy can’t get them out of my head theme songs? Those are the best. New school TV shows don’t have as interesting theme songs as the old school ones do. Some of these shows are properly old so get to googling!!

Here are a few of my favourite TV  theme songs in no particular order

Living Single

This show is super underrated seriously, everyone should take time out of their day and watch a few episodes of this show. I was surprised to find out this show got to five seasons (usually when I like a show it barely stays on tv haha) but how dope is that? Also how sexy was Kyles voice? Sinclair and Overton(did I spell that right?) were the cutest thing ever. This TV theme song was way too catchy!!


The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

This TV theme song is one of my favourite because I love this show for real, like for real. I keep re watching whenever I can. I think I based my relationship with my little brother on Will and Ashley, they had so much fun. This song was one of those memorable ones. All you have to do is put it on now and everyone around you will start singing along 🎤 Now this is a story all about how🎶


One on One

This show makes me happy, it’s new school and awesome. The background vocals for this get me every time. I loved me some Mr Flex Washington. Oooh ooooh!! One on one!!!! Check one two!!!



This show was awesome, I don’t understand how it ever got cancelled. I still don’t know how it ends. Did Shelly and JT ever get it together? Shelly and her posse were hilarious and ridiculous, and this TV theme song legit makes me happy when I hear it.

Missy Elliot’s rhymes on this were fire!

“Eeeh Vee Eeeh how you do it?!”


Half and Half

I want to redo this sequence with my own sister. This is another show that I never got to watch to the end. Did Mona and Spencer ever get it together? Did DeeDee find love?

*looks for show online* I will get answers!!! Muhahaha!!



Of course I had to include this show, come on now sing it with me now!

So no one told me life was gonna be this way 🎤 *clap clap clap clap*

I love this TV theme song, even though in a city like New York they only encountered like one black person in what seven seasons? And no Hispanic people? Come on now. Still love it though.


Sister Sister

This show was a damn classic do I need to say more about this theme song?  Sing it with me Sister SISTAH!!!!


The Big Bang Theory

Did you guys know that this TV theme song was sang by the Bare Naked Ladies?

No none of them are bare, naked or ladies disappointing huh? This is one of the fun TV theme song to sing since they cram so many words into it. It’s super cool, and and and!! *knocks thrice like Sheldon* (for no particular reason)


 The Boondocks

This TV Theme song was my ring tone for the longest time ever, this was a really good show. It should have never been cancelled. You’re singing the theme song in your head right now aren’t you?


Those are the few favourites that I can think of, yes I watched a lot of black TV shows haha well except for F.R.I.E.N.D.S everybody watched and re-watches that show.

If you’ve noticed I haven’t really included a lot  ‘new school’ shows, a lot of them don’t have sing along theme songs which makes me sad 🙁

What are some of your favourites?

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