Money in your pocket will always find use before the week ends. That’s the universe reminding you that you are an adult

I take my Sunday afternoons as easy as my Sunday mornings. This time, I was catching up with series and movies that I couldn’t watch during the week. I had to raise the volume though because the rain insisted on extended blessings.

Sunday evening quickly rolled in and I had barely even checked to see if the air outside is as cold as the one inside. It’s been one of those days when I can forget about the joys of working Monday to Saturday.

Around 8, “she” sends me an invite for dinner at her place. I was already in my pajamas! I got up, combed my hair and put on jeans. I could feel a strange lump in the left pocket. Alas, my wallet survived the valentine’s weekend somehow. I was happy and begun dreaming up random treats to brighten my Monday blues tomorrow.


This joy was quickly and effectively dispensed by a simple ‘SHIFT + DEL’ command when I started the car. The fuel gauge was facing south. Being the responsible adult I am, I stopped by a refilling station to fill up for the week.

There was a lot of back and forth in my head about how leaving the house has cost me money, why my car gets to drink more than I did during the weekend and what happened to the years I didn’t have to worry about such qualms.

I got to her house, and all was right in the universe once again. She had painted a masterpiece of food and my plate was her canvas.


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