The theory of Drake

The theory is that Drake is worse than your typical ‘bad boys’

Drake sells you the dream of a relationship of happily ever after but is actually a run of the mill bad guy.

This is a conversation that I stumbled upon in Twitter recently



The theory is that Drake perpetuates the wholesome good guy who is in touch with his emotions when  in fact women only exist to fulfill his emotional needs with no reciprocation which is even more dangerous than the bad boy that you can tell is bad news from a mile away. Drake lulls you into a false sense of security and will have you feeling bad about him cheating on you.

For those of you who might not be in the know, Aubrey Drake Graham who records under the mononym Drake, is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, singer, and actor, signed YMCMB Records. He is a very successful rapper/singer who’s main selling point has always been that he is the rapper who is in touch woth his feelings, who cares about the ladies feelings. But some seem to feel that this might not be the case.

What do you think?

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