1) People writing articles on behalf of a gender or race
2) Ignorance
3) Men telling women how to be women and vice versa
4) Crocs
5) Leggings as pants

how-to-wear-leggings Picture courtesy of charmedvalerie.com

6) People having fun without me
7) My friends not being obsessed with me like I am with them

8) Me not having a gay friend
9) Over plucked eyebrows
10) Under plucked eyebrows
11) Drawn on eyebrows

12) Bad weaves on good people
13) Bad weaves
14) Unkempt afros
15) Unkempt afros again (is it a trend or something? I’m blaming you @RamzZy_   )
16) People not liking Childish Gambino as much they shouldChildish Gambino - FDB (Remix)Picture courtesy hiphopzeal.com
17) People being judgy little schitts especially online (wow that sounded crude… meh)


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