This is by far one of the best things that I have ever read IN MY LIFE! I am not kidding, I love the Internet so much sometimes.

Ok let me stop gushing and tell you about what’s making me happy, a guy on the Internet known by the Twitter handle @LevNovak (I’m saying Twitter handle because I’m not sure what his real name is) took the time to complain a play in a Shakespearean format based on who else but Kanye a West. He aptly named it Watch The Throne play. Named after Kanye West and Jay Z’s collaba album; the idea behind the album that the two well known hip hop artists are at the top of the game and must Watch the Throne.

The play is about the difficulties Kanye West faces as a rapper on top of his game and those who are coming for his throne be it Lil Wayne and Drake or Rick Ross and Wale.

You know what let me ruin it for you, Watch the Throne the play… Enjoy

Such greatness, bless you @LevNovak

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