BYOB_MashBros-scaled-bigThe biggest complaint from ladies is how they hate befriending girls and prefer guy friends because girls are back-stabbing/gossiping/judgmental hoes (note the irony of the girls who say this).

Haven’t heard that one? It must just be me then.

That was me then, and it’s me now. Some girls make it awfully difficult to like them, what with the traits mentioned above and all, but a guy’s girl I am. Who do I talk to about my football matches, or the latest gaming expo, or just drink a beer with and talk shit about stuff doesn’t involve other people’s business? My bros that’s who.

Guys need girls too! They love the insight into the female mind, they love having the one chick nearby who isn’t a borderline psychopath. It’s a lot of work dealing with women (we can all attest to that) and dudes love the girls they can just relax around.

The real question is can a girl and a guy be best friends?

The answer is yes if neither person is; lonely, heart-broken, single, drunk, in a dysfunctional relationship or horny.

If you can check these things off your list, we’re all good to go.

Picture the scene …

He’s your best friend, you share everything, you laugh at all the same things and there’s a comfort level that you don’t quite reach with anyone else. People think you’re dating and when you tell them you’re not, they tell you, you should be dating!

You go out for drinks, he drives you home, you really appreciate how he’s got your back, how much he makes you laugh, how sweet he can be. Then you question, “Why haven’t I fallen for him? Is it because I enjoy going for the wrong guy when the right guy is right in front of me? Am I missing the obvious?”

Even if you’re not exactly single, he’s the guy you go to, to know what the hell your man is thinking. He’s the one you confide in and he shows more sympathy than your man. Your man doesn’t like you spending time with him. It turns into fights about jealousy and possessiveness. Before you know it, you’re asking yourself why this isn’t the guy you fell for.

But hey, life isn’t all about sexual politics and hidden feelings, maybe you just get along real well, what with intellectual banter and a relaxed friendship. It can work as long as you’re not passing out in the same bed drunk every weekend.


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