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Dela feat H_art The Band- Adabu

So Adabu. I’m not sure I should even be the one to talk about/review this video, because y’all I was like this for the whole video I has kweschons, so many kweshcons. What is going on in this video? There is so much that I...

New Multilingual Single Mama by Dela

The songstress Dela is back at it again with a new single entitled Mama, but there’s a twist to this, she has released her single as four different versions in four different languages. This song is in appreciation for all mothers worldwide. This has never...

Dela – Third Party Lover Video thoughts

I’m not sure what I feel about this song. I’m not sure what I feel about this video. But hey look it’s a video! In HD quality! With no story or plot or concept… Hmmm… *goes back to watching the Mafeelings video* So yeah… Deal...

Hello Swahili Cover by Dela [video]

Dela’s effortless mastery of her irresistible voice and eloquent vocals will surely make you want to listen to this Swahili cover over and over again.


Dela – Mafeelings 😷 [Official Video]

Mafeelings is a captivating video shot & directed by the award winning Nigerian director, Clarence Peters . The video captures the betrayal by loved ones & friends in relationships & friendships.

Dela – Mafeelings lyric video

Dela has new single out everybody, with a lyric video and everything. I really like this new trend that Kenyan artists have taken up of giving us lyrics videos,mint helps out in our karaoke attempts and helps us not mumble and sing along to our...