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hot this year - mdq x kagwe

Hot This Year – Muthoni Drummer Queen x Kagwe Mungai

So what’s Hot this Year? A brand new collaboration of course. Her Highness Muthoni Drummer Queen aka MDQ and Kagwe come together in a bass-dropping track. Both feeling themselves to the maximum, recognising their social status and the hype that follows them everyday. For all...

Kagwe Mungai feat King Kaka – Give it to me

All I can say about this video is guys… Look at his hair Is that a thing now? I’m all for body autonomy I really am, and Kagwe is really hot so like I will love him forever. But that hair… Are those faux locks?...

Kagwe Mungai – Give It To Me ft. King Kaka (Audio)

It’s another one y’all!! Kagwe Mungai graces is with another hit and this time it features the one and only King Kaka a.k.a Rabbit, can you say turnt up? Kagwe though, this is single number what this year? He’s dropped quite a couple of them....

Kagwe Mungai – The Dee (Lyric Video)

We may be a little late to this party but hey you know what they say better late than never right? The party being Kagwe Mungai‘s latest musical offering to the masses THe DEE!!