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Heatwave EP – Sonya Teclai

Meet Sonya Teclai; a beautiful Eritrean-Egyptian (based in New York) singer. We briefly touched on one of her songs a while back, and now we wanna share her Heatwave EP with you.

Cardiac Arrest – Wangechi feat. Wangechi

Cardiac Arrest just dropped 😏. This marks the fourth single to Wangechi’s upcoming album. It’s an alternative hiphop track featuring none other than HERSELF. Brace yourself to get in the zone, and try to keep up with the fast-paced rap in the first two verses,...

Faarrow Ready or Not x Chandelier Mash Up

Faarrow is a singer/songwriter duo, Iman and Siham Hashi sisters from Mogadishu, Somalia but are now based in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out Faarrow’s latest mash up; Ready or Not x Chandelier (Ready or Not by The Fugees and Chandelier by Sia); beautifully combined lyrics and harmony.

The NEST presents "Our Guns Don't Work"

Our Guns Don’t Work – Album – The NEST

The NEST presents “Our Guns Don’t Work” – a 5-track EP created in collaboration with the Beatmaking Lab in Nairobi, produced by Mars Maasai. The EP was recorded in response to a call to explore the theme “World Peace” for the 2014 World Poetry Month...

Rise – Mayonde

New single from Mayonde (formerly Diana Nduba, I mean that’s still her name she didn’t change it or something) entitled Rise  

To Rant or Rejoice about Technology?

Technology Month: A whole month dedicated to my cup of tea, but I find myself just staring at the blank 2048×1024 px canvas, stirring a few unfiltered tea leaves round and round endlessly. What is there to say about technology? I’m happy that the canvas...

For the love of music by Mookho Makhetha

I am writing this as a music fan. It concerns me that music writing is still not a lucrative endeavour when the African music industry itself is a vibrant galaxy of musical genres. I cannot be certain if this is because the focus of some...

Beats by Play – Music Games

I am a nerdcore gamer, and I also enjoy my music like everyone else who now hates MTV for not playing music anymore. When I finally got to combine the tranquility/ head-banging-ness of music with the challenge and sense of accomplishment of video games, my...

Music and life – Laura

First of all you have to say the title of this in the tune of Imaginations Music and Lights… Or for the new school hip hop heads HHPs Music and Lights Either way it’s catchy as hell isn’t it?? In my random moments of deep...