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Sage’s Maskini finally gets visuals

I’ve been in love with Sage Chemutai’s music for a very long time now, I constantly and consistently beg Kenyan artists for videos for their music and complete bodies of work(albums) so that I can fully and truly support them. I insists on albums because...

Chemutai Sage releases album Expose Your Self

Sage also known as Chemutai Sage, is a Kenyan singer, song writer, composer and instrumentalist. She is a pianist and self taught guitar player.  Not one to be put inside a box, her music can be described as a fusion of RnB, neo soul, pop...


Mistakes by Sage Chemutai [audio]

When someone mentions Sage, the earworm “So Alive” re-enters your brain and you keep singing along for the rest of the day. Eventually, you find yourself on YouTube or SoundCloud, looking for more of Sage’s beautiful melodies to feed your soul with.