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For Those With Vaginas …

Dear girl, lets talk about one of the most unique things you own. Yes, that special feature that makes you more powerful than you think; no not an iPhone 5s. I’m talking about your vagina. I’m talking about that royal garden below the cotton veil in...

Juma Pond in “The Kanga Monster”

v3rcity presents its first original short film dubbed Juma Pond. James Smallwaters aka Juma Pond must go against all swimming odds to battle his first and greatest foe yet, The Kanga Monster. Watch it now

Moves by Taio & Thriller by MJ – Metanoia Live Arrangement

Metanoia Crew is a Kenyan based band that does, drum covers, band covers, live concert drum camera, they’re all about the music. Check out their video below of a reworked version of Taio(The MC Africa)- Moves spliced together with Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Probably for the lovers – Just A Band

One of our vloggers is featured in this fan featured video by the funky band, this is a single off their third studio album Sorry for the delay Check it out below  

Rise – Mayonde

New single from Mayonde (formerly Diana Nduba, I mean that’s still her name she didn’t change it or something) entitled Rise  

Blow me away by Jones Murithi

Sir J Like a fire splinter, Such is life. We announce our arrival with a crack, A thunder, a blaze, bright and beautiful And we fly away, lighting the darkness.   We start small and dream big And think how wonderful things will be when...