Many Fridays ago we attended a sensory pleasing event called Chemistry, which blended photography and art with live DJ mixing. It was held at the Shift Eye Gallery in Hurlingham, and was filled with cultured folk who electrified the whole place with their appreciation for this particular experiment. It was BEAUTIFUL.

Chemistry connects sight and sound, to create an audio-visual experience unlike any other.

Recap of Chemistry

It is called Chemistry because it’s really an experiment where artists are invited to see what they can create together.

In this particular one, it was an event that pitted the creative talents of Djs and visual artists to create a fusion between images and music to accompany them. This editions dj line up was Jemir Blanco, N.Kai. Nu-fvnk, Rajel Rey and Zelalem. Visual artists were Maskes Bandit, Ray Ray and Life of Mooner, Melman Art and Eddie Matu.

— [Source: Chemistry Facebook page]

Melman Art

Melman is our artistic pal. He was live-drawing through a projector on people at the lab session.
Check out his instagram:

A photo posted by MelOgana (@melman_art) on


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