v3rcity presents its first original short film dubbed Juma Pond. James Smallwaters aka Juma Pond must go against all swimming odds to battle his first and greatest foe yet, The Kanga Monster.

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Behind the Story

We were on holiday in Diani (South Coast), Kenya, with a bunch of friends. One lazy afternoon, while swimming, we decided to make a short clip to mark our holiday. This clip idea grew into something much bigger – a short film.

Juma Pond is comically derived from the super spy series James Bond. Juma is the Swahili translation for James. We couldn’t find a similar translation for Bond, but since we were playing in the water on the day of conception, we agreed on using the name Pond. This name was further translated in Smallwaters, as a way to give our would-be hero a civillian alias, that is, James Smallwaters.

A short script was drafted, Thuita put his iPhone 4s on a mini tripod and filming begun. Before we knew it, we had footage enough to edit into a silly story. The first draft was rendered that evening without sound. The audience at that time loved it so much, we promised to do an actual proper post. This took months though, as we all have our regular desk jobs.

Juma Pond scene from film
Juma Pond scene from film

It feels good to have finally finalised the project and shared it with the world. Talks of continuing Juma Pond as a YouTube series are underway. We will appreciate and and all the support we get.


James Smallwaters is a regular swimming civillian who was on holiday with his woman. As they were swimming in a public swimming pool, they got separated for a few minutes.

An ancient monster, the Kanga Monster, quickly took the opportunity to attack the woman. James went underwater to mask his transformation into Super Spy – Juma Pond. But he was too late to save his damsel in distress.

Filled with anger, he rose onto his feet and transformed in Super Duper Spy – Juma Pond with a capital J. He was now a proper match for the Kanga Monster. The battle was violent and damaging, but eventually Juma Pond won the day. He realised the Kanga Monster was simply another woman trapped under an evil Kanga. He freed the woman and carried her out of the water to safety.

The evil Kanga, sunk to the bottom of the swimming pool, it’s fate unknown.

Juma Pond scene from film
Juma Pond scene from film


Directed/Filmed/Edited by Thuita W
Starring Thuita W, Laura M, Ogeto, Stella A, Chris, Ombaye,
Script by Thuita W & Ogeto
Music by Thuita W
Executive Producers Thuita W & Laura A (v3rcity)


This short film is a dedication to Harun Ombaye Getui, who lost his life on July 20, 2014. If this made you smile, it’s definitely because of all the good cheer and love Ombaye filled our lives with. His favorite phrase was YOLO, a true sentiment to our lives. You Only Live Once, so live right, live lovingly, and live fully.

We miss you and we love you Ombaye. Rest In Peace.

Juma Pond scene from film
Juma Pond scene from film

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