The Wine, Chocolate and Cheese Festival – Feb 8th

Did you hear about the Wine, Chocolate and Cheese Festival? It was right before valentines at the Westhouse Hotel in Westlands. Through their big glass doors, take a left, down the stairs into the event area, and suddenly …

Oh look, it’s Wine o’clock … and also Chocolate o’clock, and Cheese o’clock.

This all went happened from February 6th to 8th. We, however, African-timed the whole event and showed up on the last day in the afternoon. All in all, this was perfect timing for lunch, and in this case, lunch was wine and chocolate and cheese.

Aside from the great selection of wine (4th Street being our favorite), we indulged in a lot of free chocolate treats, cheese slices, and pastries all dipping through the chocolate fountain. A lot of vendors gave us the history of their products as well as motivations behind specialising in them. We even got to taste a new brand of milk (Leka Dairies) that’s set to be available at the local supermarket soon.

Wine doesn’t make you fat; wine make you lean … against tables, floors, walls, and people.
Chocolate makes you happy.
Cheese makes up pizza. And if you add bacon, you have solved Life.

[Source: Westhouse Hotel website]

[Source: Westhouse Hotel website]

Our taste buds were as satisfied as our optics. Everything from the purple-lit interior, and the cool handcrafted jewellery from Simple Belle, to the entire Westhouse WestWood Hotel (or as much as we could explore). This was one beautiful place and a must visit for those who appreciate serene venues.

Video Highlights fo the event

And a few pics we managed to take

About The Wine, Chocolate and Cheese Festival

The Festival paired 3 distinguished treats together; Wine, Chocolate and Cheese. Over 140 wines from all over the world were side by side with a delightful selection of cheese and chocolates. Top Wine Brands from South Africa, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Uganda, Egypt and Kenya were showcased. It was a discerning connoisseur’s heaven, with the opportunity to sample and taste literally dozens of great wine and cheese variants. [Source: Website]

Also, check out this really cool video they made to promote the event.

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