Kenya’s first 400m Hurdles gold

Would you look at that we Kenyans run more than marathons.

I’ve always been of the school of thought that if we really tried and streamlined our athletics in Kenya we could win more than just marathons.

I mean have you seen some of our Kenya rugby team players? With the right training such guys would demolish short distance races. I mean we might not have the next Usain Bolt, but Kenya could make a mark in the shorter races. You know give Nigeria something to talk about.

Did you guys see the 100m race? Man that was close!! Bolt is lucky he’s taller than Gay. That’s what won him that race. OK I’m going off point I’m sorry.


I’m so proud, like that’s not an easy race to get into. Let alone win. Who else is feeling an odd amount of National Pride right now? I know I am.
The guy who has won Kenya’s first 400m hurdles gold medal is Nicholas Bett.

(watch me Google the crap out of him because before this race I didn’t know anything about him)

Nicholas Bett who is only 23 years old by the way, is a Kenyan track and field athlete who competes in the 400 meters hurdles. His personal best for the event is 47.79 seconds. He is a two-time bronze medalist at the African Championships in Athletics.

I’m impressed and excited, our first GOLD medal in 400m hurdles. It’s a good day.

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