Cosmic Homies is a collective of made up of Marushka, Runka (formerly of Camp Mulla also formerly known as Karun), Taio (also formerly of Camp Mulla) and Kiwango. They say that their mission is to re-imagine the relationship between artistic creation and audience consumerism, to inspire a collective evolution of media entertainment. Fusing together a range of elements in an unusual synchronicity, the sound is new, surreal and sacred – with a focus on raising the level of consciousness among media consumers in modern culture.

So I rolled my eyes a little bit at the way they described themselves to be honest, these gotdamn millennials.

Outchea talmbout we don’t work well together because they hate the word work, and work implicates a live of servitude?? So they play well together, they have a good play relationship?

I feel like my father in this moment, I wanna say “these young people because…” *sigh*

The music is fantastic guys, it’s absolutely amazing. I am completely here for it, but to be honest I can’t hear this group speak about itself and about it’s ‘sound’ and how they wanna change the musical scope with good vibes and positives chis.

And here I thought I was hipster, guess not huh?

Their music has a really great vibe to it, it’s groovy and laid back. It gives you a nice Sunday afternoon feeling. If they manage to stay together they will be great.


Cosmic Homies have another single called Think This Thru


Find Them

Twitter: cosmic_homies


Soundcloud: CosmicHomies

Facebook: CosmicHomies

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